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Old Inverlochy Castle

Old Inverlochy Castle, Fort William. Highlands of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Old Inverlochy Castle dates to the 13th century and was of huge strategic importance sitting at the southern end of the Great Glen and on the River Lochy. A seventh century Pictish fort is believed to lie beneath the castle we can see today which is recorded as being attacked and pillaged by Vikings in the 11th Century.

The Castle we can see today was built by the powerful Comyn family in 1270AD who were rivals for the Scottish crown with Robert the Bruce.

In 1306AD Robert the Bruce killed his rival John Comyn in Greyfriars monastery in Dumfries and had himself crowned King Robert the Bruce a month later.

In 1307 King Robert and his supporters captured this castle and defeated the Comyn family once and for all then turned his attentions to England!

This magnificent castle was surrounded on three sides with a wide water filled moat and had direct access onto the River Lochy which in turn allowed ships to access saltwater Loch Linnhe meaning goods could be brought in from Ireland and mainland Europe.

Three meter thick walls are ten meters high and angled to prevent attackers climbing with a ladder. Inside a central courtyard with a circular tower to each corner show just how impressive this castle would have once been and how hard it would have been to attack!

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