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Paisley pilgrimage

Paisley Abbey, Paisley. Scotland.

Paisley Abbey is something of a hidden gem which many visitors to Scotland overlook.

Saint Mirin (or Saint Mirren) is believed to have founded a religious site here in the 7th Century. After his death a shrine to Saint Mirren was founded and pilgrims regularly visited the site. In the 12th Century Walter Fitz Alan founded a priory on the site and Paisley grew rapidly with the site becoming an Abbey in 1245AD.

In 1307AD King Edward I (longshanks) of England had the Abbey burned during Scotland’s wars of Independence with England but the Abbey was rebuilt.

William Wallace (Braveheart!) was born locally and is believed to have been taught by the monks of Paisley Abbey as a child.

A heavily pregnant Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce, was riding nearby in 1316AD when she fell heavily from her horse. She was taken to Paisley Abbey for medical care where she gave birth to the future King Robert II by cesarian section and whilst the baby survived, she did not. She was buried at the Abbey.

Her son Robert II would go on to become the first of nine ‘Stewart’ Kings and Queens of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots probably the most famous of all!

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